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Daniel Doubrovkine

Drawing sanguines, conté crayon, photography, private collection, theatre and art log. CTO at artsy.net, @artdblockdotorg, @kidsandsharks.

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I used to carry a camera with me at all times.

SOHO, New York

Cairo, Egypt

Andy’s Daughters

Burning Man

Fuerza Bruta


Motherfucker Party, May 2005


Lele with tie-boy at Max Fish, New York

Julie’s Wedding, Seattle.

Kim, New York, 2004

Kellianne, Seattle

Sean, New York City

Harry, New York City

Kim, New York City

Joey Murray, New York City

Leanne and Jen

Fetish Night, NocNoc, Seattle

Kim, New York



Harry, New York


Lynda, Le Souk, New York City


City Kids

Some Kid of the Subway

Some Kid, New York City


Fall 2004, Boston, MA

Union Square, New York City, fall 2004

Baltimore, MD

West Broadway Runway

New Year’s eve 2005 at The Hole, New York City

Unknown, Ski Boots

The prettiest photograph from “The Gates” barely has any gates, New York City.

SOHO, New York

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Hydrant, New York City

Amtrak, Rutland, Vermont