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With three shows in just over a month I didn’t get a moment to blog about them.

Saw Stick Fly on Broadway a few weeks ago, a show produced by Alicia Keys. It was a solid play, but maybe a tidbit long. There weren’t too many clichés as you may expect from a play that explores issues that “everyone can relate to”. Looks like it’s closing.

Dans un tout autre registre, Anthony and the Johnsons, which I discovered via the “Hercules and Love Affair” album years ago, gave a monumental one-time performance called “Swanlights” at Radio City Music Hall, commissioned by the MOMA. It was a much anticipated, hugely depressing, painful and beautiful show. The standing ovation lasted fifteen minutes to a closed curtain.

Finally, we went to see Traces last night by a troupe called 7 Fingers, currently playing at the Union Square Theatre. It was a fantastic show with some impressive dancing mixing street and circus. It’s the “real deal”, some critics have written. I concur. Highly recommended.