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Drawing sanguines, conté crayon, photography, private collection, theatre and art log. CTO at artsy.net, @artdblockdotorg, @kidsandsharks.

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Someone who travelsled from the U.K. to U.S.S.R. made me a mix tape in 1986 with a few British hits. I was living in Moscow. To give you some perspective, I must have had less than twenty tapes then and all were 3rd or 4th copies of the original. I used to play them on my Элекроника 302, one of the first mass-produced Russian tape recorders. We had LPs and my dad had a few tapes too, mostly the Beatles and Adriano Celentano. I had a Scorpions album and an Iron Maiden one, my crown jewels.

This mix tape was awesome. I would later learn that it included the original version of Raf’s “Self Control”, made popular by Laura Branigan and other songs I didn’t like as much. The second song on Side A remained a mystery, and nobody could tell me who it was. I finally lost the tape when I moved from Seattle to New York in 2006, before Shazam could identify it. It was gone and lost forever.

I remembered some lyrics and kept searching on-and-off, for YEARS. Today I found it here on Lyrics.net. The song was by Marylin Martin and it’s called “Night Moves”. It’s on Youtube, including a live version.