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Daniel Doubrovkine

Drawing sanguines, conté crayon, photography, private collection, theatre and art log. CTO at artsy.net, @artdblockdotorg, @kidsandsharks.

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I’ve long watched my inspiring friends make generative art and mint NFTs. I own a handful of works on paper by Dmitri Cherniak, and we’ve briefly collaborated in 2019 - Dmitri made digital works, and I drew a smaller set inspired by his output. I really enjoyed observing his process, and thought about trying making digital drawings myself, but then I stubbornly stuck to making my own works on paper. Dmitri’s recent success with Ringers selling at crazy prices was not overnight. He has long made, and believed in generative art, he’s a true artist that doesn’t care much about commercial success. Nevertheless, the $ outcomes are worthy of a mention, his art is now being recognized by collectors outside of the traditional gallery system.

Last week, after listening to a conversation with Osinachi, an incredibly inspiring Nigerian artist that has been minting NFTs for a while, I finally decided to give generative art NFTs a go, listed work 1/10 in an auction, and sold my first NFT to my first bidder, someone I didn’t know!

You can buy one of the works here, until they sell out. Update: works 1-6 have sold as of March 24th, 2021. See this post for technical implementation details.